How to do Social Bookmarking Submission for SEO

How to do Social Bookmarking Submission for SEO

23 October, 2019   Audience Planet

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The online world is restructuring the business landscape in momentous manners. With the formulation of digital marketing applied to many businesses, irrespective of whichever industry they are operating in, the scope of profit and visibility both increases prospectively at a steady pace. Popularly known with a sound goodwill SEO firm in India adheres to latest and highly effective strategies that are too good in terms of increasing brand visibility and awareness to the potential audiences.


Talking in the context of search engine optimization one of the essential off-page activity that has a huge role to play is social bookmarking. Renowned SEO company in India, Mega Senior unites with a team of best digital marketers who has the finest minds and veteran expertise in formulating ace social bookmarking strategies to make their SEO activities highly efficient and productive.

What is Social Bookmarking?


Before moving forward in understanding step by step as to how social bookmarking is done, let's get the concept of the same clear. While executing SEO, only the existence of the website URL is not enough, and it needs to get circulated and be existent on other websites that have a considerable user base and find your website link easily.


The presence of your website links on the websites also increases the credibility of your online brand. Thus the bridging of your website URL and the existence of the same on major social bookmarking sites are known as social bookmarking. A branded SEO agency in India has an extensive list of high domain authority social bookmarking website links on which your website link can be productively constructed.

Steps to Formulate an Effective Social Bookmarking for SEO


Curetted from the finest and best SEO company in India like Mega Senior, here is a detailed guide on how to do social bookmarking for SEO:

Make a list of high DA social bookmarking sites

The very first step of executing social bookmarking for SEO is to make an extensive list of high domain authority and popular social bookmarking sites. With the demand for promoting an online business, there is no shortage of social bookmarking sites. However, choosing the most reliable one will only fetch you good results. Make sure not to opt for old and backdated from years domains.

Examining the Functionality of these Websites

The second step is to go through an in-depth analysis and scrutiny of these social bookmarking websites in terms of reviewing them to be still active. While doing this, make sure to cross-verify with the popular brands which are or aren't posting on these social bookmarking websites. If you have mistakenly updated your website information on any backdated site, make sure to wipe that out at the earliest.

Ensure these sites to Indexed

Reputed SEO firm in India will never miss out on checking these social bookmarking sites to be properly indexed on Google. Since your visibility majorly depends on SERPs results, following this step is very crucial.

Performing the Main Task          

The final step is to register your business with all relevant information on these sites, and your social bookmarking is executed successfully.









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