Sneak Peek Inside Indian Celebrities Home Decor - Audience Planet

Sneak Peek Inside Indian Celebrities Home Decor - Audience Planet

26 March, 2018   Audience Planet

In India, most of the people refresh their mind by watching movies, reading their favorite celebrity gossips, and limelight news. Fans are always curious to know where their favorite celebrity lives. Apart from that celebrity knows how to live their life to the fullest that’s why they jumped into a new house just after an early success. People mostly follow their favorite celebrities’ lifestyle and their home decor ideas.  When we plan for a new home decor than the thing came to mind is sneak peek inside celebrities home. People get inspirational ideas from their homes.  Celebrities mostly like traditional and very elegant look home decor. We may have seen the celebrity’s homes from outside but only a few of us know how they look from inside and how they live. From penthouse to apartments & bungalows, stars own some of the best house in the world. Even wondered how the Rich and famous personalities interior their homes?  Don’t worry anymore. We give you an inside tour of the house of your favorite celebrity.  I simply searched over Google and found these amazing pics of celebrity’s homes.

Bollywood celebrities are known for their luxurious lifestyle and their vanity vans. Celebrity spends their most of the time in vanity vans. Ajay Devgn is the person who calls vanity vans “Homes on The Wheels”.  Ajay spends most of his time in his vanity van, i.e. this van is fully equipped with all the facilities like gym, bedroom, projector room, etc.

Hrithik Roshan’s 3000 Sq. Ft. House in JUHU, Mumbai is the perfect example of a luxurious lifestyle.  Here are some of the images of Roshan’s House. Infinity wall, Green Couch is the most adorable things in Roshan’s house.  Everything in the house either its couch or bed everything is personalized.  Interiors of Hrithik’s house are really very calm and peaceful with so much of Blue, Green & White color combination.

Bollywood’s little girl Alia Bhatt is a grown-up girl now and she has just moved to her new home with her sister. Alia’s new home reminds of New York Loft Touch Theme. Notice the dark wooden shelves, mattresses & wardrobe. Living room decorated with wall hangings and a large window to let the light in.  Alia’s home is a true example of her energetic, young, and sharp mind.  The wardrobe of Alia is a dream comes true for every girl/women.

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