Top Positive Updates of Google AdWords for the year 2019

Top Positive Updates of Google AdWords for the year 2019

16 October, 2019   Audience Planet

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Google has started its trend of coming up with AdWords updates every month or so due to its popularity. While some of the updates have helped many organizations and businesses to grow exponentially while some have not. So here is a list of positive AdWords updates in the year 2018 which were able to make a mark-


1. AdWords Reach Planner for YouTube

For the video platform of YouTube, Google introduces a new tool known as ‘Reach Planner' on AdWords. It dramatically deals with the estimation of the reach of numerous video campaigns, and as the name suggests itself, it helps in planning the future campaigns to connect with the audiences efficiently. Basing on the Marketing objects and budget, Reach Planner delves into selecting the suitable ad format for YouTube. My Smart Bytes is one of the best PPC management Company India, who have benefited the most out of this feature.


2. Advanced and Expanded Landing page Report

The Expanded landing page is the URL that people will reach once they have clicked on your ads after some custom parameter and contextual substitutions are made. Hence, reviewing the performance report for all landing pages used in every URL becomes a necessity. With this new AdWords interface, we will be getting the URLs of fully expanded landing pages within the same report. This tool mainly helps you to locate the ratio of traffic for every landing page of your website. Tech magnate is one such PPC management Company, Delhi known for using the tool of Expanded Landing Page more efficiently.


3. Promotion Extension

Promotion Extension is one of the new updates that appear under ‘Ads and extensions' tab on search text ads. It is responsible for making the ads stand out from other ads on SERPs. E-commerce sites have greatly benefited from this feature by showcasing some specific offers or special promotional sale on their websites. Some of the other benefits include-


a) The escalation of Click through rate ads increases by 10%

b) The appearance of Promotional Message will be once in the form of ad copy and once through the Promotion Extension.

c) Through the use of Promotion Extension, limited characters are used.


4. New Audience Solution

Google Adwords has been introducing updates with the sole purpose of helping the marketers to maximize their profit in their own business. One such update is known as ‘New Audience Solution'. As the name suggests, the tool specializes in finding the subsequent customer who shares a similarity with your best customer. So to do that, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads is used by AdWords to connect with people who have previously visited the site. Researchers say that targeting similar customers will improve the rate of conversion by 22% which is why Digicots has cemented themselves as one of the best PPC management Company Noida.

5. Product Listings Ads

Google has introduced a new category of "Shop Now" in its variety of product listings. Here along with the showcasing of product prices, one can also see the little detail about the product just by swiping which resembles the price extension format in mobiles. Not only that, Google has included the hyperlink, availability details and shipping option as well.


While Google will keep updating their Adwords, and it is the responsibility of efficient companies like My Smart Bytes to use those updates to the advantages of its customers as well as looking out for themselves.


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