Top SEO Strategies for Businesses with Multiple Locations

Top SEO Strategies for Businesses with Multiple Locations

11 October, 2019   Audience Planet

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So the goal of SEO is to make sure that your website is suitable enough to rank higher in search engine results for phrases and keywords that are related to your business. Now that you have landed a client or it is your business that has to operate in more than one location then you will need some SEO strategies that are approved by Best SEO Company in India. They are as follows-


1. Competitor Research

In the realm of Search Engine Optimization India, it is exceptionally pivotal to perform a Competitor Research while implementing SEO for more than one location. In this way, you would have a clearer idea of how to assess your competition by understanding the market thoroughly. With just merely analyzing the strength and weaknesses you hold, the opportunity for growth will present itself before you. Performing this specific type of research will be beneficial in implementing SEO campaigns that can resonate more with your target audience and hence encouraging them at the same time to buy your products and services.


2. Location Specific Content

First of all, you should have pages for each service under any particular town or city. So, whichever location you opt for, the pages should have some certain content and keywords that are specific to that specific location. That means incorporating the city or town's name in the keywords. One of the essential aspects of generating a unique name for your business is the content that is provided shall be original. None of the shortcuts shall works as Google would be able to see right through your copied efforts.


3. A Single Domain

Many websites used for various locations will only consume your precious time and efforts while leaving your pockets empty. Additionally, your SEO writers will have a tougher job in ranking the multiples websites as opposed to just one. My Smart Bytes is one of those companies who uses this simple strategy, and that is why it is regarded as the best search engine optimization company in India.


4. Google My Business Listings

Google My business listings is tremendously useful in making your online presence felt by including your business in maps pages and search results. GMB allows you to create individual listings to add multiple locations manually. The URL for every location page should be added in your business profile. For businesses such as Google My Business is a perfect option.

5. Link Building

Link Building plays an important part in ranking your business in the Google search results pages by earning more authority backlinks. To do so, you can reach out to bloggers in your locality to check and see if they are willing to share some of your content on their site. By sponsoring or hosting events, you can earn some links from local publications as well. By building such links, this will send positive signals to Google thus boosting the ranking and increasing the traffic on your website.


Those were some of the essential SEO strategies much recommended by My Smart Bytes who are one of the masters in the game. They have subsequently done numerous businesses to reach their full potential and hence regarded by many as the best SEO Company in India.


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