Top SEO Video Tools for Youtube

Top SEO Video Tools for Youtube

15 October, 2019   Audience Planet

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Videos from the year 2018 slowly and steadily overrule the world of Digital Marketing, and by 2021, it is predicted that 80% of content will be in the video format. So here is a list of Video SEO tools that are used by some of the top SEO Company India to promote it adequately-


1. SerpStats

SerpStats is one such tool that provides you with an in-depth insight on what are your competitors are up to so that it can provide your videos with the ability to rank higher in search results. SerpStats is also helpful in researching keywords that are both long and short tail so that whenever you give one base keyword to the tool, and it will come up with a list of suggested keywords. Most of the SEO Indian Company uses this tool to search for queries and track backlinks so that one can create videos answering those queries thus increasing SERP Rankings.


2. Google Explore

Google Explore mainly deals with providing you with a better understanding of keywords and hashtags research that are related and similar to your base term thus gives you an insight into the relevant trends within your niche. This is hugely beneficial in getting a clearer picture of your target audience's conversations and discussions so that you can create such content which is of related interest to them. By strategically using the relevant keywords and hashtags on a video’s description, some of the SEO Company Delhi has made it possible to rank your videos much higher on the search results.


3. Vidiq

Vidiq is mainly known for its range of video marketing tools which is extremely helpful in building a loyal audience for your videos through YouTube. You can also connect Vidiq to your YouTube account so that you can automatically import all your videos to the Vidiq dashboard thus making it easier to manage your YouTube Videos. My Smart Bytes, one of the best SEO Company India uses this particular tool to acquire the semantic details of Twitter and Facebook mentions so that the videos rank higher in Google and YouTube based searches.


4. DrumUp

DrumUp is an application suitable for finding and curating the right content thus serving as the perfect video tool for promoting your videos. By the aid of this tool, you can schedule the posting of videos accordingly with social media distribution. It can summon up a target audience for your videos from different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. SEO practice is incomplete without video promotion; similarly, video promotion is incomplete without DrumUp.


5. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is one of the best Video SEO tools out there and can be added as an extension in Chrome. It can serve as a multipurpose as well such as optimizing the video, promotion of your video content as well as provides an in-depth analysis. TubeBuddy is exceptionally beneficial in looking for opportunities that are outside of YouTube based on your channel's search traffic and performance. It helps in creating professionally transcribed captions for every video that can increase the rate of views by 7.3%. If there are mistakes and broken links or incorrect tagging, TubeBuddy will find those in no time.


Getting your videos ranked at the 2nd most search engines will only make your business grow. And When It comes to video and Youtube SEO, AudiencePlanet is one such Digital Marketing company that stands out.




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