What is the difference between web development & web design

What is the difference between web development & web design

05 July, 2019   Audience Planet

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The terms web development is quite familiar to us. Also, the web design goes hand in hand with it. Experts have perfect skill of web design which makes the web development perfect. The website designing company in gurgaon comes with much more services. Let us have a close look of both the terms.

Web development – total process

This is a process to build a website. Qualified programmers are involved in web develop process. Also, ecommerce website Development Company in gurgaon uses various gears to make the site run with success. Moreover, the web developers build the website in such a way that it is responsive in all the devices. The designers can use the non interactive pictures. Experts use HTML in this process. Moreover, the web Design Company in gurgaon uses more lively approach. They use various program languages in this process. PHP is one of them which are developed to create various website pages. If you want to go for more advanced web development, Content management system (CMS) is the way. Popular CMS systems are Joomla or wordpress.

Web design

It is a visual design of a website which viewers can see as they land on the particular website. Also, it is more of users experience aspects. The website designing company in gurgaon makes it quite responsive. Also, the web designers create wire frames. At last, they move towards the design stage. The web Development Company in gurgaon also uses various design principles. Following are some of them:

  • Consistency – The website design that you adopt in the due course must be consistent. Though it is a critical web design principle, user gets the best experience with the clear and consistent routing process.
  • Balance - The layout of web design must have a perfect balance. The designers in ecommerce website Development Company in gurgaon refers to heavy as well as light elements. Also, those are the color flux. Experts use the correct proportion of each dark and light element to get a balanced website design.
  • Emphasis - It is one of the design principles which is related to planned highlights. But, if the user emphasis everything in page, he/she ends up emphasizing nothing. Think about a page where all the texts are highlighted in yellow. Yes, nothing will stand out here. Thus, the emphasis must be made to few texts, statements and lines which are vital.
  • Unity - It is a relationship between different sections of a website. Also, it includes the composition as well as layout as a whole. It is related to the Gestalt theory. Moreover, you can learn how the human brain organizes info.

Web Development

Difference between website development and website design

The qualified website developers are engaged in the process of website development. But, website design is totally managed by the a skilled website designer. The developer builds the interface. Also, he hives a perfect layout. But, in website design process the designers transform an idea. They convert it to a design that is visually appealing. The website designing company in gurgaon have qualified designer for this.


The role of a website designer is quite difficult. They have to integrate the best user’s experience. Also, the website design creates an environment that welcomes the user. But, the sites are quite complex. Thus, the web developer has to split it into specialized tasks. The ecommerce website Development Company in gurgaon provides best user experience.

Language and software tools

The front end developer uses 3 main languages. Those are JavaScript (JS), Hypertext markup language (HTML) and Cascading style sheet (CSS). But the web design use various software tools. Those are Framer, Adobe Photoshop, sketch etc. The web Design Company in gurgaon provides the best solution. Both web development and the web designs are vital for a business operation. If you have developed a website without a perfect web design, the entire process will lack behind. The website designing company in gurgaon creates a perfect balance between the two.


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