What should a real front-end developer know in 2019

What should a real front-end developer know in 2019

07 July, 2019   Audience Planet

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Did you hear about the web development service? The experts engaged in web development have different area. The front end development is the client side development. The front end developer produces JavaScript, HTML, as well as CSS. It is used in the web application. The website design company Delhi ncr have the experts for web application. But, competition is increasing among the website development business. Also, the front end developers have variety of challenges. The tools they use are one of the considerations. Also, the skill which the experts at website Development Company in gurgaon possess is vital.

Challenges behind front end developer

Front end developer face different types of challenge. The tools and techniques which they use is constantly changing. Thus, it is very important for the developers to get updated. If you wish to be successful in life, use the updated tools. The web Development Company in gurgaon will present wide range of other devices. Each one has variety of sizes. The variety of screen sizes as well as resolution speaks a lot. It also asks the designers to have a new way of sight designing. You can now reach to website Design Company Delhi ncr to find out more details.

Real front end developer must know in 2019

In the year 2019, people wants the real front end developer to know certain skills. In addition, the previous knowledge and skill level which they already possess is not enough.

  • HTML- This is a primary tool for a web development. The website Development Company in gurgaon has the front end developer who knows HTML is a standard markup language. There are different versions of HTML. The front end developer must know the latest version. In addition, HTML 5 is the later version that is used today.
  • CSS - This is another skill which the front end developer must know to deal with any website in the year 2019. CSS add beauty to the plain HTML pages. You can change styles, layout, colors and even place pictures through CSS. With this tool, web Development Company in gurgaon makes the website look attractive.
  • CSS Preprocessor - The HTML is done, the CSS that makes the web pages look good is installed too. Now, you must put some functionality to this. Thus, the front end developer must know about Sass, PostCSS, Less, Stylus, etc.
  • JavaScript - JavaScript act as a brain of the website. Some of the website have interactive capacity. In order to control this interaction, one must install JavaScript. Also, when the web application is complex as well as dynamic, the real front developer must have an depth knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Java Script Libraries and Frameworks - It is true that one can complete the total web application with the help of the JavaScript. But, the operating and the total process become much easier with the help of JavaScript Libraries. The front end developer must know this skill. There are several frameworks of JavaScript libraries. Some of the Top variations are as follows:
    » Vue
    » Angular
    » React
  • Testing Code - Another very important skill which the front end developer in the year 2019 must possess is none other than the testing code. After writing and before presenting it to the mass, there must be several tests to get a clean, bug free and maintainable code. Some of the tests are functional tests, unit tests, integration tests, etc

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The website design company Delhi ncr has various tools for the modern front end web development process. In order to have an in depth knowledge, you must go ahead with the proper training from the experts. Also, other terms related to this context are Rollup, web pack, Prettier, liners and formatter, etc. Even if you have basic skills in programming, it is possible to become real front end developer with the latest updates in 2019.

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